No: 285, 15 September 2022, Joint Statement of the Third Türkiye-U.S. Strategic Mechanism Dialogue

Republic Of Türkiye Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 15.09.2022

The Governments of Türkiye and the United States held a third meeting of the Türkiye-U.S. Strategic Mechanism Dialogue on September 15, 2022, in Washington. Turkish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sedat Önal and U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman chaired the meeting. U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland also participated in the Dialogue. Building on their steadfast partnership and previous discussions under the framework of the Türkiye-U.S. Strategic Mechanism, the two reaffirmed their strong cooperation as partners and NATO Allies and engaged in substantive dialogue on strategic global and regional issues and areas of bilateral cooperation.

They reviewed the extensive, security, economic, cultural, and people-to-people ties that underpin the bilateral relationship between Türkiye and the United States. Both sides reaffirmed their commitment to promote peace and stability and to further deepen and strengthen the enduring Türkiye-U.S. defense partnership. They welcomed the recent growth in their bilateral trade relations and reconfirmed their mutual determination to advance their economic cooperation in every possible field. They also stressed that Türkiye and the United States stand together in support of global public health as well as food and energy security. The delegations also reaffirmed their mutual efforts to work to promote energy supply, access, efficiency, and independence.

Both sides discussed political developments in the region and consulted on the importance of strengthening Transatlantic relations. They underscored the need to fight terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. The delegations reiterated their unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and discussed ways to further NATO coordination. The United States welcomed Türkiye’s efforts to broker the Istanbul Black Sea grain deal for safe passage of Ukrainian agricultural goods in the Black Sea. The two delegations explored possible avenues of cooperation in various parts of the world, including the Middle East and Africa, and underlined the importance of promoting peace in the South Caucasus.

Both sides welcomed continued robust, candid exchanges on these and other issues and agreed to continued exchange of senior-level visits in the future.

Türkiye and the United States look forward to reviewing progress and exploring new areas of cooperation during the next round of the Dialogue.


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