No: 127, 3 July 2024, Regarding the Allegations About Our Policy on the Middle East and Syria

Republic Of Türkiye Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 03.07.2024

Our foreign policy is based on the interests of our state and nation. Within this framework, Türkiye aims to establish peace, stability and prosperity in the Middle East, to which it has strong historical and cultural ties. International law, humanitarian values and the quest for global justice are our main principles in shaping this policy.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, which has turned into a humanitarian tragedy, Türkiye has adopted a principled stance. While revising its foreign policy in line with the requirements of national interests, Türkiye does not hesitate to take necessary measures to counter the threats to its national security.

It goes without saying that constructive criticism would contribute to foreign policy in a democracy. However, distorting realities and making accusations fuelled by ideological bigotry for political gain do not fall into this category.

The allegations against our policy on the Middle East and Syria lack analysis and basic knowledge of history.

Türkiye has managed to remain an island of peace and stability in a geography that has been deliberately turned into a ring of fire for years. By staying out of the region's wars, Türkiye has strengthened the well-being and security of our nation and contributed to its prosperity. Also, by developing its defence capabilities during this period, Türkiye acquired the capacity to fight terrorism beyond its borders, which had been defeated at home.

Those who ignore all the above-mentioned facts and make unfounded accusations just for the sake of political gains are acting as proxies of the powers that are trying to penetrate into our region.

Our foreign policy will continue to be guided by the interests of our state and nation.


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